PQQ Testimonials and Reviews

As pyrroloquinoline quinone gets more popular, it is interesting to hear what people are saying about this intriguing compound. If you would like to describe how PQQ has helped (or not helped) you, leave a comment below and we will add your thoughts to this pyrroloquinoline quinone testimonial page:

I recently started supplementing with PQQ and have noticed two profound effects. Firstly, a small white, slightly raised area on my lower lip which has been there since I was a teenager (I am now 59) completely disappeared within a week. I find this incredible. Secondly, there has been a significant improvement in my long vision. Previously I had difficulty seeing the letters and digits on car number plates more than three cars in front of me. In fact, at my last appointment with my ophthalmologist late last year I mentioned the deterioration in my sight and she checked my prescription and said it was fine. Now I can see number plates around 6 to 7 car lengths in front of me.

John E. – Sydney, Australia

I’m an amateur runner who has struggled for a long time to increase my my VO2 max and aerobic capacity. I have tried different means to make positive strides through both physical training plus changes and augmentation regarding nutrition, with mixed results. The two supplements where I feel like I have gotten the strongest benefit are methoxatin (PQQ) and alpha-lipoic acid. I have as tried rhodiola rosea with mixed results. The three helped in different ways but pyrroloquinoline quinone in isolation seemed to help with recovery allowing me to exert more effort during a subsequent workout, which in theory should help increase the efficiency of adaptation.

Mike R. – Berkeley, CA

I have been taking 20 mg of pyrroloquinoline quinone along with 300 mg of ubiquinol daily for about two months. As yet I have not noticed any effects, however I am age 82.

Doug G. – Maine

I supplemented my Parkinson’s regimen of Stalevo and Azilect with PQQ and soon felt an increase in nausea and off times.

Bob S.

I’ve been consuming pyrroloquinoline quinone along with resveratrol, carthinine and CoQ10. I’ve noticed increased stamina and a drop in blood pressure. It has also made me very calm. I am a 53 yrs old bodybuilder and can work out without getting tired.

Mike G. – Tampa Bay, FL

PQQ is amazing! I take 10 milligrams at 8am and also at noon. I benefit from improved mood, concentration, focus, stamina. even my complexion has improved.

Georgie – Virginia